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A Few Words to Guidance Counsellors & Dual Credit Teachers

New to Dual Credit Courses & SCWI?

As ministry-approved courses, Dual Credits are a way for Grade 11 and 12 students, while still in high school, to earn a credit towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) while sampling college or apprenticeship industry-specific courses.

The Dual Credits program is an excellent example of the projects and forums funded via the School College Work Initiative (SCWI) that support student success in secondary education and assist students in their transition from secondary school to college programs.

Watch the following videos with Frank Kelly and Phil Hedges for additional insights into SCWI and the Dual Credit Program

David Armstrong
Project Officer,

A Message for Guidance Counsellors
Featuring Cathy Montreuil Catherine Moynihan,
Jim Vanderveken and Bob McEwan

Catherine Moynihan,
Lead Teacher, SHSM,
Toronto Catholic DSB

SCWI Symposium Overview
Featuring Cathy Montreuil, David Armstrong,
Catherine Moynihan and Bob McEwan

Frank Kelly,
SCWI Project Manager & Executive Director of CODE

Phil Hedges,
Education Officer, Ministry of Education

How to use gotocollege.ca

We invite you to use this web site as a resource while supporting students and parents exploring Dual Credit Courses. If you have questions or suggestions on how to improve this web site please email them to us.

Support for Educators

Built from the grass roots up the Dual Credit Program provides a host of tools to support and inform educators.

An educator oriented web site, SCWI.ca, is an immediate online information source while a yearly Symposium for educators provides great practical assistance from your peers, the Regional Planning Teams (RPTs), the Project Team and the Ministry.

Take a moment to hear messages from the 2015 Symposium.

Rosie Hessian,
Coordinator, Grand Connection RPT 7

Dez Collins,
Chair, Near North RPT 8

How to use scwi.ca

Another web site, SCWI.ca, has been developed with information specifically aimed at those educators who are responsible for developing, delivering and supporting Dual Credit programs in Ontario. An area has been added to SCWI.ca with information of direct interest to Guidance Counsellors and Dual Credit Teachers.

We invite all educators and especially those in the role of Guidance Counsellor and Dual Credit Teacher to review this area.

Link to the SCWI web site.